What Is R&R Membership?

Save with Membership

R&R Membership Air Conditioning Maintenance contracts are specifically designed to ensure three things:

  1. ​Save you money.
  2. Maintain system uptime.
  3. Extend equipment lifespan.
Our membership provides you with year-round, worry-free protection.

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Plan duration: 1 Year

Service visits: 2 per Year

  • Inspection and cleaning of your system during service visits
  • Same day scheduling
  • Free service call
  • 15% discount on additional system installation
  • 10% discount on any repair

Inspections Include:


  1. Lubricate motors
  2. Check fan belts
  3. Check static pressure
  4. Check evaporator air temperatures
  5. Check wiring & connections
  6. Check refrigerant charge
  7. Check operating pressures
  8. Check voltage and AMP draw
  9. Clean condensate line
  10. Check performance of system
  11. Check contactor points
  12. Check pressure switches
  13. Clean condenser coil
  14. Check temperature differential
  15. Clean evaporator coil*


  1. Lubricate Motors
  2. Adjust controls if needed
  3. Adjust combustion air to burners
  4. Check fan belts
  5. Check air temperature rise
  6. Check wiring & connections
  7. Clean burners
  8. Check for gas leaks in furnace
  9. Check heat exchanger for cracks
  10. Check performance of system
  11. Check heat strips
  12. Check heat pump in heating mode
  13. Check heat pump in defrost
  14. Clean heat exchanger

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